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New Discovery – Tech creates high-impact experiences mixing immersive technologies with real-life scenarios in manufacturing processes.

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Augmented Reality is a combination of the real-life and digital environment by mobile device usage.

Transform your process to a digital environment, emulate a real-world experience and recreate your business with Immersive Technologies.

Mixed Reality merges the real with the virtual world to produce a new environment visualization. Mixed reality is a hybrid of augmented and virtual reality.

360° degree content is spherical that allows looking around in any direction. A 360° video can be viewed on a VR headset or shared across your website for viewing on smartphones.

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New Discovery aGENCY

Digital agency focused on marketing solutions, video, and immersive tools for industrial applications.

New discovery MEDIA

Strategies based on manufacturing market research and SEO.

new discovery film

Impact stories with a good narrative and a creative essence.