Upskilling and Reskilling (Virtual reality and augmented reality)

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This blog it's about how to implement virtual reality and augmented reality to your business in post-covid times.

In times of pandemic, businesses that rely on physical contact with the customer have been in trouble. But Upskilling and Reskilling (virtual reality and augmented reality) have pushed many forward. The question is how do you move your business forward in the new post-Covid era by implementing these systems?

How to implement Upskilling and Reskilling (Virtual reality and Augmented reality) in your business

Given the expectation of the new post-Covid world economy, it is urgent to take the necessary tools and use them in favor of your company. For this reason, we will analyze the use of Upskilling and Reskilling (virtual reality and augmented reality) in the business.

How Businesses Will Work in Company of Virtual reality and Augmented reality From Now On

Companies are likely to become more technical and to replace workers with some virtual and augmented reality strategies in the various labor fields. For example, those who deal with telemarketing through call centers, dispatchers and receptionists.

The Upskilling 

Upskilling is defined as the additional training and technical skill that a worker acquires, which allows him to perform effectively in his tasks. In this way, the employee develops improvements in their skills and profile. Which, of course, has a favorable impact on your work.

Today, in order to keep up with these new times, companies must reinvent themselves to adapt to the current situation. To do this, Upskilling contributes to providing employees with various new skills and competencies for the work they must perform in companies.

Upskilling also applies to assume a different position, occupationally speaking. If we take you to a simple, practical example, suppose you are a baker, and your experience is based only on making bread.

If you learn a new skill, like making a cake you are applying Upskilling. And if later you dedicate yourself to making huge wedding cakes, you continue climbing in the Upskilling.

Example of how to survive with Upskilling

Companies that work under the door-to-door system must modify this and contract the Zoom service. They are obliged to modify their strategy and do it online. They even have to make adjustments to the sales and production process.


Reskilling is about improving your skills, developing them and putting your skills into practice in a new job or other job position. Continuing with our example, if you are currently the baker in a bakery and you are promoted as an administrator, Reskilling is being applied.

Because to achieve that, you have already trained in other areas. For example, when you show your leadership. Another way to show your growth in this aspect, is when even being a baker, you are able to carry out effective negotiations with suppliers.

To conclude, it is evident that companies are doing everything possible to stay financially and continue operating. For this reason, they have seen the need to ‘technify’ all their areas with new immersive strategies like virtual reality and augmented reality  and take advantage of the employment trends that are in vogue.


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