Johnson and Johnson


Johnson and Johnson needed to innovate their personnel training and induction processes. Because of Covid-19 contingency, Johnson & Johnson was looking for a way to train its personnel in a specific procedure without risking their health and in a way that could allow them to enter into a self-learning curve. Johnson & Johnson arrived at us with the idea of developing a product that could meet their immediate needs. 


With our business unit: New Discovery Tech, we developed an Augmented Reality app to aid Johnson and Johnson in their personnel training and induction processes. This tool built and animated in 3D guides the personnel in a specific procedure by developing practice-based learning as if they were in real life. 

Currently, Johnson & Johnson is using this Augmented Reality app in its internal processes. This app has been created for iOS operating systems and is having optimum performance. 


Augmented Reality app. Digital tool for personnel training.

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