Virtual Reality (VR)

Transform your process to a digital environment, emulate a real-world experience and recreate your business with Immersive Technologies. 

Immerse your business in innovative virtual reality experiences for:

Industry Training

Entertainment experiences

Manufacturing processes

Immersive Experiences and Simulations 

At New Discovery Tech, we create environments where we stimulate the viewer’s senses. These experiences transport the public to a high perceptual state. Use immersive tools to get the audience’s attention. 

Boost your corporate identity in the workspace community, giving your collaborators a belonging, leadership focus with disruptive technologies applied in an industrial methodology.

Position your brand in a competitive market with Virtual Reality:

Shows specific product attributes

Increase your customer loyalty

Viral and personalized technology

Understanding of potential prospects

Brand awareness

Increase engagement

Prototype Visualizations

The industry’s most comprehensive prototype simulations in Virtual Reality. We design immersive interfaces, spaces, and experiences with customized assets. 

Let your clients interact with future projects. Generate unique and unforgettable experiences that increase user loyalty.

Use Virtual Reality for:

Engagement generation

360° worldwide facilities tours

Employee training

Upskilling and Reskilling

Recreate engineering and products in 3D

Interactive Presentations

Philosophy sharing

We model real scenarios to an entirely virtual experience based on the industry needs.

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