Mixed Reality (MR)

Mixed Reality merges the real with the virtual world to produce a new environment visualization. The physical and digital objects co-exist and interact in a real-time ecosystem. Mixed reality is a hybrid of augmented and virtual reality.

Be transported to another world and encourage new experiences into the manufacturing industry as:





Real Estate


Many practical applications of mixed reality include training processes and remote working assistance. There are also different display technologies used to facilitate the interaction between users and the mixed reality applications.

Virtual Tours 

A virtual tour allows the user to navigate the different spaces of a property using command controls. In defined spaces can make use of a limited set of voice commands that seeks to recreate the attributes of intelligent spaces.

This installation seeks to replicate the exact dimensions of a location by allowing visitors to walk through the rooms and corridors of the facilities.  Each room has a unique auditory footprint that expands the sensory and immersive elements.


Reduce your training process, and collaborate in real-time experiences. With Virtual and Augmented reality technologies, introduce your employees in a measurable surround formation indicator to improve knowledge retention.

Benefits of Training Experiences:

Rotation impact reduction

Positive work environment increment

Productivity increase

Corporate Image strengthening

New Discovery – Tech combines its expertise to specialize in the creation of immersive training experiences and interactive sales tools. Our team evaluates what the training should look like, along with all its phases and requirements, designed to be user-friendly for the target audience. 

This implementation is a contribution to the industry, improving communication, significantly reducing turnover rates, and optimizing all processes through innovative simulations.

The Mixed Reality for training methodology ensures that the user goes through all the necessary steps to get the best possible training results, being cost-effective experiential training paths as well as sales tools that captivate your users.

As your mixed reality developer, we will guide you to your destination every step of the way. We will always find time to get acquainted and show you the differences in many types of equipment.

Discover how far your business can reach.


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