Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented Reality is a combination of the real-life and digital environment by mobile device usage. New Discovery – Tech designs interactive augmented reality properties that replace traditional printed materials with a digital object. 

Use augmented reality technologies for:


Sales support

Brand Advertising

App Development

With New Discovery – Tech, bring objects and environments to real-life. Enhance user experiences and outcomes with specialized Augmented Reality Applications. 

Innovate and expand your business reach, adapting creative ideas to an interactive platform. Get smart exposure of products to your industrial customers. 

Our app development strategies set you apart from the competition. Through AR experiences, customers can explore different product configurations, material options, and sizes to find their specific needs.

Use AR benefits for:

Recreate a product in 3D

Explore new features

Replace printed materials

Shortening sales cycles

Brand Activations

Enable users to learn about your brand, product features, and services on their mobile devices. 

In New Discovery – Tech, we combine field force strategies and innovation to visually empower every real-world physical object into a digital environment, allowing buyers to get product variety and easy access to product information.

Generate lasting memories by activating your sales stand. Add engagement augmented reality technologies and applications.

Our Augmented Reality Activations brings you:

Encourage word of mouth communication

Increase loyalty

Simplify the sales process

Create new experiences

Break the physical world boundries to represent your services and projects.


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