New Discovery Tech brings Immersive Tech to Industries

Immersive Technologies
New Discovery Tech wants to make your industrial business more immersive with its range of virtual and augmented reality technologies. We believe that VR will show the authentic side, while AR is perfect for telling stories onsite or training workers in new skills!

In this time in which the world was affected, and people needed to stay socially isolated. Some educational institutions had a necessity for implementing digital tours as an outreach method. These programs allow visitors who are not able or do not want to visit universities or high school physical campuses to offer actual virtual classes.

Implementing VR and AR will help us show our clients a more authentic side of themselves.

Technology has been changing the way we do business. Companies implement new technologies like augmented reality and VR to help their sales teams acquire more information about a possible buyer.

Immersive technologies have been used in many different industries to help those with a passion for the field. Some examples are archeology & art, architecture design firms, or commercial businesses such as fashion designers, advertising agencies, festivals, etc. 

Some projects related include industrial designs for the new products development, and entertainment companies also make extensive use of immersive tech. 

New Discovery Tech has developed different services of virtual, mixed, and augmented reality for some industry fields. 

The client, Enalte Desarrollos needed a virtual reality application to show their users some sale properties and continue building the best experience for their prospects.

Reality force, another of our success stories for its event Albuquerque International Balloon Fest required the creation of an augmented reality app through which one their users could visualize and customize hot air balloons. This made their experience more real!

With the development of 3D, augmented reality systems, and virtual reality, industrial businesses can offer a more immersive experience for their customers. 

With applications in these technologies developing at an accelerated pace companies must keep up-to-date on how they can advertise using real views from brands.

New Discovery Tech is glad to assist you in your immersive technology needs, contact us to break the boundaries of reality!


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