BOSCH Innovation Day

NDM community! We want to share with you the experience we lived on Thursday, August 22, by participating as guests in the BOSCH INNOVATION DAY at the BOSCH Juárez 1 place.

Innovate or fail? That is the question.

Event where we had the opportunity to show and share some of our immersive solutions for the industrial sector, both for capacitation, training and project development.

BOSCH is a German company started in 1886 by Robert Bosch. It has 264 production centers, 250 sales delegations and 261,300 employees around the world.

For some years now, BOSCH has held the INNOVATION DAY once a year, to show all the innovative techniques, developments and technologies that it applies within its processes.

It is a company that constantly decides to innovate and improve itself for its growth. This is an incredible way to show it.

Thank you very much and until next INNOVATION DAY!