Immersive Technologies

New Discovery Tech brings Immersive Tech to Industries

New Discovery Tech wants to make your industrial business more immersive with its range of virtual and augmented reality technologies. We believe that VR will show the authentic side, while AR is perfect for telling stories onsite or training workers in new skills!

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Virtual Reality

Immersive technologies and their development in industries

VR and AR are becoming more popular in the industrial sector. In this article, we’ll take a look at how these technologies have been used for success so far as well as their introduction into businesses across different industries including real state construction firms or even train manufacturers.

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Medical Industry

How to apply technologies in the medical industry?

One of the most exciting things about immersive technologies is their potential to revolutionize healthcare in ways that were never before possible. VR, MR and AR are all-inclusive tools with many benefits for medical professionals across a wide range of fields!

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Hello NDM Community!

All about the latest in industry innovation in Mexico’s most important border city: Juárez, Chihuahua.

From industry 4.0 talks, new developments for process optimization, to robot fights! It was what the edition of BORDER TECH 2019 offered us.

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